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This Blog Has Closed

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How App-ification is Your Key to Next-Generation Workers

(From the editor: This article was originally published on The Channel Connection.)
Walk through a grocery store, and you’re bound to see a toddler clutching a tablet while his mother navigates the deli counter. Shop in Target, and you’re sure to see a baby who may not even be able to walk yet watching videos on his mother’s phone. These children and ones like them have been part of the landscape since those devices came into being. They could navigate these devices before they could walk or speak in complete sentences, and they are now a driving force in the workplace.
They are millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, and Generation Z, born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. They have grown up with devices in their hands and the World Wide Web at their fingertips. And they are making their mark on the workplace through technology.
A study from comScore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report, which analyzed comScore digital audience data and survey results, found that millennials are not only the most likely to use apps, they are the most sophisticated and addicted users. Eighteen to 24-year-olds spend an average of 3.2 hours per day with apps — nearly 50 days per year — compared to 2.3 hours for the average user. Why not play into this love of apps?

Solutions like Xerox ConnectKey are key to appealing this next generation of workers. ConnectKey offers a tablet-like touchscreen experience customized to your business needs. These users who have been easily swiping, tapping, scrolling and pinching their way through task-focused apps since they were in diapers will find the intuitive design easy to use, resulting in fewer clicks needed to finish a job. The AltaLink and […]

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5 Technology Trends Every Entrepreneur Must Know About

Staying one step ahead of your competition these days requires being up on the latest technology and the ways it can help your business. Here are five technology trends every small business owner should know in order to hit the ground running in 2019.
1—Internet of Things (IoT)
From smart thermostats in your office to smart speakers in your home, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. At work, as at home, IoT offers the opportunity to save time by streamlining everyday tasks, leaving you and your employees more time to focus on the big-picture thinking that can help your business grow.
To make the most of IOT in your business, first assess your day-to-day activities and those of your staff. Where would you like to save time? What menial or repetitive tasks could be handed off to technology rather than to employees? These are prime opportunities for implementing IoT technology. According to a report by McKinsey, 60% of all jobs can be at least partially automated.
Xerox technology can help. For instance, use the Xerox® Mobile Link mobile app to connect your mobile device to a Xerox® multifunction printer (MFP) and to the cloud. Then create customized One-Touch Workflows that scan documents from Xerox MFPs and automatically send them to your chosen locations or recipients. Save even more time with Xerox Web Capture: It scans documents directly into your business apps with no need to create files, rename documents or import the data to an app. (It even works with your existing scanners, meaning one less technology investment you’ll need to make!)

Get a jump on 2019 with these 5 technology trends every small business owner should know about.

2—Artificial […]

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6 Strategies for Keeping Stress Low and Productivity High at Year’s End

Between holiday stress, distracted or vacationing employees, unusual sales patterns, and managing your year-end budget, the fourth quarter isn’t the easiest time of year for business owners – especially the small business owner. Not only is everyone looking to you for answers, but keeping your business running smoothly while also trying to grow (and maintain a sense of balance) is no easy task.
But keeping stress low and profits high doesn’t have to mean adding items to your To Do list. The following tips can help you boost efficiency and preserve your peace and sanity in Q4 and beyond.
Tip 1: Shift your perspective
Most entrepreneurs founded their own businesses out of a love for the work they do and the customers they serve. Don’t let the day to day minutiae of running your business distract you from the joy and pride you feel in owning it.

6 Strategies to help you boost efficiency and preserve your peace and sanity in Q4 and beyond.

Make time in the fourth quarter to retrain your focus on your goals for the coming year. Start by examining the successes of the past year. What did you do well? What do you want more of? Then explore the challenges. What can you do differently? Where should you delegate or reach out for support? Then finish by setting 3-4 measurable, trackable goals for next year, to help you recharge your excitement for the work you do and the population you serve.
Tip 2: Delegate.
A survey by The Alternative Board found that nearly two-thirds of business owners would benefit from delegating work to others so that they could focus on more strategic endeavors for their business like:
Sales revenue generation
New product development
Establishing new partnerships
Delegation is especially helpful […]

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The Weak Link in Your IT Security and How to Fix It

If you still think cybercrime can’t target your small business, think again. In the past 12 months, 47% of small businesses have suffered at least one cyberattack, according to a survey by Hiscox. Of those, 44% suffered between two and four attacks in that time period.
Cyberattacks are more than just an inconvenience: Small businesses in the survey say the average incident cost them nearly $35,000. That’s not counting the additional fallout, such as losing customers, losing income and losing productivity while recovering from the attack.
Trends in cybercrime
Most (64%) companies are already using Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the workplace, according to a survey taken earlier this year, and an additional 20% plan to implement them within the next 12 months. Already, 61% of respondents have already suffered an IoT cybercrime incident.
Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are also getting more prevalent and more sophisticated. Over half of IT security decision-makers in a recent survey say targeted phishing attacks are the biggest threat they face. How does it work? Cybercriminals access an employee’s email—often a C-level executive. Posing as that person, they email other employees requesting sensitive information or directing a financial transaction to be made. Last year, a Form W-2 phishing scam targeting businesses tricked email recipients into sending Form W-2s to cybercriminals. Thousands of employees had their personal information compromised as a result.

Cyberattacks cost small businesses an average of $35k. Here’s how to spot – and fix – your weakest areas.

The weakest link
According to a 2018 Ponemon study, most data breaches are inside jobs. This doesn’t mean your employees are cybercrooks—most breaches result from negligence or carelessness. But while employees are your weakest link, they can also be your strongest defense. With […]

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Propel Your Business into 2019 with Upgrades in Innovative Technologies

If small businesses can see the future benefits of innovative technologies, they will have an edge in their market. Predictive analysis tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning are picking up speed, and fast! It’s safe to say that innovative technologies are more than a fad, they’re here to stay. If you aren’t yet on board with implementing some of these helpful and time-saving technologies, there’s no better time to get up to speed than with the start of the new year. 2019 is going to be bursting with innovation and you don’t want your SMB to get left behind.

Innovative technologies can give SMBs an edge in their market. Here are 4 areas in which to upgrade your business in 2018 to make 2019 your most productive year yet.

Here are 4 innovative technology areas in which to upgrade your business in 2018 to make 2019 your most productive year yet:
Automation has been a prevalent theme this year than ever before. If there is one innovative technology you should use in 2018 to increase productivity in 2019, it’s to automate your business processes. The first areas for consideration should be processes that are time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you aren’t sure where to start, look at automating some of your online marketing functions.
Sending emails, personalization, and social media posts can all be automated to save you time.
You can also automate processes such as sending invoices to customers once their order is complete, batch image optimization, and scoring leads based on user actions. Leverage workflow automation to make your business more efficient, minimize errors, and save time and money. Implement artificial intelligence and machine learning programs.
If aren’t doing it already, now is the time to start […]

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10 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Holiday Season

This is the time of year when we show our appreciation for the people we care about. It’s a time to say thank you to everyone from your mailman to your mother. That most certainly includes the people who keep your business running every day. While not every company can manage a holiday party or bonuses for every employee, there are still plenty of ways to reward your team at year’s end.
Treat with treats.
“There’s food in the breakroom” has to be every employee’s favorite phrase in the entire office lexicon. Consider bringing in a catered lunch for a large crowd, or taking your small office out for a meal. Even something as simple as a spread of donuts and bagels can go a long way toward making your team feel appreciated.
Shout it from the rooftops.
Don’t wait until evaluation time to tell your team members that they’re doing a good job. Make it a habit to praise or congratulate your people regularly—and always do it in front of the team. You can take it a step further with personalized awards. Use these certificate templatesto recognize employees for a positive attitude, innovative ideas, hard work or simply being a great teammate. Just print them on your Xerox color printer and they’re ready for framing.
Write it down.
In the age of email, a handwritten note packs more punch than ever before. Taking the time to write out a thank you note is a great way to let someone know that you appreciate them. have is forever.
Have some fun.
Team building activities can be as valuable an investment as emerging technology. They reduce employee turnover, and can even help make your office more productive, considering that happier workers who feel […]

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The Top 5 Ways to Market Your Small Business During the Holidays

It seems like only yesterday we were advising you to make the most of your summer vacation, and now the holiday season is here once again. Make the most of it with these tips for showcasing your business in its best light throughout the season of selling.
1. Get in on the Shop Small Movement
Small businesses get their share of the spotlight each year on Small Business Saturday, which fell on Nov 24, 2018 this year. The intent is to mobilize communities everywhere to step out in support of their favorite small businesses, and to encourage consumers to shop small throughout the holiday season.
If you’re a small business, now is the time to promote yourself as such, and to remind your customers of the value of shopping small. For example, shopping small keeps tax dollars in the community, makes it more diverse, and creates jobs. Although Small Business Saturday is over, the buzz surrounding this event, and its intention, will be present all season long. Find tips for promoting your business by leveraging the #smallbiz movement here.
2. Give to Receive
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a sale. Just the mere mention of Black Friday gets the collective consumer pulse racing. Choose a promotion that will bring people in the door – virtual or otherwise – and help you build a marketing database. For example, a discount code or printed coupon that is accessed by entering an email address (online or in person), or a giveaway drawing that requires social tagging in order to win.
You can further sweeten the deal by offering a free gift to every customer who makes a purchase or enters information that can be used in future marketing initiatives. That gift can be […]

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Security Holes are Growing: How to Survive in a World of Voice, IoT, AI, and More

Security breaches can be complex, far-reaching, and have a major and long-lasting impact on your business. It’s critical to be proactive. Don’t wait until you have a security breach to beef up your prevention and protection!
Growing businesses are not only responsible for safeguarding their own data but are now responsible for protecting the information of potential and current clients. With National Cyber Security Month just passing, here are a few tips to help close some security holes in your small business:
Employee Training
One of the biggest security holes and major causes of data breaches within small businesses is employees. With absolutely no bad intentions, employees are simply unaware of how best to store and protect your company’s data in the most secure way.
While educating employees on good cybersecurity practices is nothing new, it’s vital to the security of your business that you educate your employees on things such as:
How to properly dispose of documents containing personally identifiable information.
Knowing how to recognize potential phishing emails or suspicious email attachments.
Creating strong passwords for their business accounts.
Not accessing sensitive business data on personal devices.

Is technology evolving faster than your data security plan? Here’s how to protect yourself in a world of voice, IoT, AI, and more

Internet of Things (IoT)
There is a reason you want to train your employees to have strong passwords for their business accounts. Poor passwords are often the cause of IoT-related security breaches, a major security hole in many small businesses.
IoT devices are often easy targets for hackers to exploit due to their poor security features. To close up the security hole and protect your internet-connected devices take the following precautions:
If possible, password protect your IoT devices.
Change the default password that so many IoT devices […]

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