The goal of every business is to be successful, but while there are no guarantees, basic fundamentals such as a solid business plan, strategic focus, physical resources, and efficient workflow are a great start. Workflow is defined as the group of tasks and tools used to complete a job, or reach a goal, and is applicable to every area of business. When it comes to printing, Managed Print Services (MPS), can help improve your workflow greatly; here’s how.

The Relationship Between Print And Workflow

Think about it: print is used for communication, advertising, invoicing, record keeping, management and sharing. With so many positions to fill, it’s easy to see what an impact print technology has on office workflow, and how the right technology, and the right MPS provider can make a difference. Multifunction printers (MFPs) for example, have a multitude of capabilities such as stapling, collating, booklet creation and hole punching to help streamline workflow and increase productivity.

How To Get Started

The perfect starting point is to assess current printing practices and procedures, and take stock of inventory help identify what equipment is needed (or needs to be disposed of) to increase efficiency. Partnering with an MPS provider isn’t just about printer maintenance and support, but about maximizing workflow to help your business succeed. After an initial assessment, an MPS provider will implement a plan unique to your needs, work space and budget.

The Benefits Of MPS On Workflow

Partnering with the right MPS provider has its rewards: the simplification of everyday tasks, which in turn, improves the workflow of the entire office. This is done through two main objectives:

Equipment Placement – By placing printers in strategic locations throughout the office you should see immediate results. Considerations for placement may include: the distance required to walk to retrieve documents, task centered workstations, office layout, and reducing disruptions in other departments.

Monitoring Software – Through the collection and analysis of key data, your MPS provider can further streamline workflow, by remotely monitoring, and addressing your print requirements, detecting, and addressing issues as they arise.

Your MPS provider is invested in your success, working to improve workflow through the strategic placement, inventory and monitoring of your print network.