As the world evolves, businesses have to do the same. That means being more conscious in many ways about oversights in the workplace that can impact the bottom line. Many of those oversights happen in the print environment. Here are three of the leading printing oversights that can easily be corrected.

  1. Leaving Confidential Information in the Output Tray – This might be the number one security mistake in many companies. Employees can sometimes be forgetful or careless about what they’ve printed, leaving critical and confidential information unattended in the printer’s output tray (and into the hands of unsuspecting employees).  Two easy solutions are to insist that people go directly to the printer after printing a sensitive job, or to use the latest software that delays printing until the user is at the printer to quickly remove the document. Thus, only the eyes of the intended recipient can see what is printed.
  2. Incorrectly Loading / Costly Paper Jams – Many companies don’t have a dedicated person to load paper every time it runs out. That means anybody who faces the load paper warning light is responsible for reloading. No one wants that. There is a right and a wrong way to load paper, including noticing arrows, paying attention to paper curling and more.  Paying attention the next time paper needs loading will greatly reduce your risk of paper jamming on high and low volume printers.
  3. Not Recycling and Throwing Used Print Cartridges Away – Are you green yet? Does your office have a recycling program in place for used print cartridges? Sadly, the plastic and other elements in these cartridges won’t biodegrade for up to 10 centuries. So rather than throw your next used print cartridge away, why not place it back in its packaging and return it to us for proper recycling. It is an easy solution.

Sometimes being aware of new ways to go green and reduce waste is the first step toward improving your bottom line. These three common office printing mistakes are easy to avoid.